Why Naturals?

Take a stroll down the soap aisle of any Midwest grocery or superstore and you’ll see a wide variety of brightly colored packages and many fresh scents. Every little box is filled with standard size bar of what we often call “soap,” but notice the labels; they don’t say “soap.”

Those bath bars, beauty bars, and moisturizing bars cannot be labeled soap because, according to the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines, the process commercial manufacturers use to make them includes (or leaves out) elements that make a true bar of soap. A more descriptive name for these bars is detergent.

Detergent-based bars effectively remove dirt, but they have no benefits for skin. The harsh chemicals (often including petroleum, alcohol, and detergents) contribute to dry, tight, often-irritated skin. The product is cheap, but that’s all.

Newberry Naturals produces pure, chemical-free soap that includes the natural oils that commercial bath bars leave out (they sell moisturizers separately, in lotions and other cosmetics). Handmade Newberry Naturals goat milk soap and shampoo bars offer the effective cleaning of commercial products with the added benefit of nourishing oils that keep skin from becoming dry or damaged, and make hair shiny and manageable.

Natural Soap is the Better Alternative

Newberry Naturals goat milk soap and shampoo bars give you a blend of essential oils such as palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, rice bran oil, and castor oil. Our products contain no harsh chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin, and every bar is moisturizing. Plus, the goat milk in our soap includes healthful vitamins and minerals that leave your skin silky smooth.

Order your goat milk soap and shampoo bars today. Contact Newberry Naturals for more information.